Online courses to set your heart on fire & manifest your dreams! Transformation and loving support are just a click  away…

This is our new home for a growing collection of amazing courses that you can enjoy whilst sitting on a mountain or in your living room. These virtual courses focus on very specific outcomes. They are crafted by Seeing The Magic’s Stephen Mulhearn, multi-award-winning filmmaker and shamanic teacher, to support you to grow, be happier and live your dreams. For over 25 years Stephen has supported 1000's of people around the world to turn their dreams into reality. 

These unique and dynamic virtual online courses are divided into two sections - Live and Anytime Courses. 

Live Courses

Live ONLINE courses are scheduled with specific dates and times. Ideally you should attend all of the sessions, where we can be in virtual circle. Sessions are broadcast via Zoom. Zoom is an easy to use, reliable cloud platform for online workshops. Once you sign up, we send you links that you click to access the course sessions. And the good news is if you miss a session for any reason, we’ll direct you to where you can watch it even when the course is complete.

In these uncertain, ever-changing times this is a great way for you get the transformation you want, without having to worry about travel restrictions. A beautiful heart-opening, connecting to enlivening wisdom. A wondrous, interactive spiritual education with an international circle of kindred Souls.

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Anytime Courses

ONLINE Anytime Courses are the prefect way to get the support, healing and spirited coaching you desire without need to travel or wait!

As soon as you sign up, you’re ready to hit the ground running. If you are at a place where you need some positive coaching, some healing Ceremonies or perhaps just a reminder of what is beautiful about life, then look no further. Join in and discover amazing ways to awaken new levels of happiness. It’s time to blow your mind wide open and set your Heart on Fire!

Seeing The Magic Academy crafts online Anytime Courses that are unique.

It’s time to gain ground on your dreams. Your primary teacher, Stephen Mulhearn, has a gift for delivering the content, humour and care that you need to help you believe in you.

Join in, Shine on and Enjoy!

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"I don’t know where to begin nor do I have the words to say what I experienced at your workshop-the art of shamanic dreaming. I’m not sure what I was expecting, I resonated with creating art & embracing myth as that is how I work. I was hoping for tools to step into my power. What I experienced was that, but exponentially, and so much more. The energy, insights, symbols, metaphors, emotions -euphoria to despair, shook me, woke me, filled me up to overflowing."

The Art of Shamanic Dreaming - May 2020

"Wow! Just wow! That has blown me away! This course is an absolute nugget of the purest gold. This is the magic of Lendrick brought to us in our own homes, surrounded with all our tools at the tip of our fingers so that we do not need to make a note to do something when we return home, rather we do it as the weekend progresses. Allowing the full power of the work to shine through. I’d do this course again in a heartbeat!"

The Art of Shamanic Dreaming ONLINE - May 2020

"Thank you so much for putting such a wonderful and interesting course together . I can honesty say I feel amazing and received so much healing and magical guidance"

The Art of Shamanic Dreaming - May 2020