The Spirit of Happiness

Six week online course with Peggy Dylan & Stephen Mulhearn. Learn ancient Spiritual Practices for Joy and Vitality in these Times

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Since the dawning of humanity there have been moments of great challenge. Those moments have generated incredible spiritual practices that allowed the practitioners to use the times to deepen their capacity in the spiritual and physical realms.

Peggy Dylan and Stephen Mulhearn have crafted this course to draw on and teach some of these practices, not only to provide much needed directives and regular loving support through these times, but to allow you to come out on the other side with greater skill for living! A bridge of love, capacity, laughter and nurturance leading you to deeper happiness!

Instead of being consumed by the fears of uncertainty, join us in steadying your heart, mind and spirit with this online course that delivers deep happiness and ancient pathways of ecstasy for the soul!

Do you long to feel happier and have an abundance to share with others?

Is this a time that you want to fall deeper into the embrace of the Beloved?

Would it support you to feel more confident and assertive in your life choices? Are you ready to feel more energised and alive?

Looking for spiritual practices that work and that you enjoy doing?

Ready to be supported by two remarkable teachers who manifest results?

Wishing to be part of a vibrant growing community?


It’s time to bring your Spirit of happiness to life!

The Spirit of Happiness course is a lovingly held container that you can flourish within.

What you will receive from 6 week online course The Spirit of Happiness

  • An exciting welcome pack and blessed gift from Peggy & Stephen
  • We provide the tools, motivation and structure to soar with.
  • A self-assessment of where you’re at the beginning.
  • Weekly dynamic teaching Webinars. Live or catch up.
  • A daily video from Stephen or Peggy to keep you inspired, excited and focused on your practice of happiness. Audio downloads of practices, worksheets and articles to download and keep.
  • A self-assessment at the end of the course to show how far you’ve come.
  • A Facebook group to co-support each other within a sense of community.
  • The choice of an opt-in buddy or buddies– so you can both champion each other
  • A completion certificate so you remember how awesome you are!

Results you can expect from The Spirit of Happiness:

  • Hone your inner light, and your capacity to inspire others
  • Established successful and easy to use spiritual practices, this means daily bliss!
  • Feel connected to The Beloved
  • Be divinely guided by The Beloved
  • Enjoy being more alive and energised
  • Collective inspiration and support from a vibrant community
  • Have a spiritual toolkit to advance with
  • Benefit from 6 weeks blissfully submerged in a loving embrace of support


Peggy and Stephen will guide you through the course Step by Step. You begin by completing an assessment of where you are at present.

Then you set goals for what you want to experience by the end.

We hit the ground running, achieve breakthroughs, start living more happiness, coming from a source of love, connected to The Beloved.

At the end we reassess and celebrate your success and you receive a certificate of achievement.

 Allow ancient practices developed in times of need to comfort, inspire  and guide you through these times.

Just imagine having a wonderful routine, that creates more happiness and well-being and personal success…

Nurture the sacred eternal flame within, transcend and let your spirit shine!



What others are saying about Spirit of Happiness:


“Being part of this amazing worldwide sangha under your guidance will be one of my most memorable journeys.” – Karen


“These 6 weeks have been transformative, healing but above all supportive. The daily short video's were such a nice set up, the course was more then I ever expected, it felt so TRUE and authentic. You could feel the love and care you both put into this course!” – Cat


“Being in such a supportive and loving sangha, has enabled me to lay to rest some pretty heavy stuff that I have not previously been able to free myself from. Having the daily videos, practices and your tremendous support kept me connected to the incredible energy of the sangha, which made me stronger each day.” - Christina


“Spirit of Happiness was a life-changing course. Peggy & Stephen put so much love into the course, which held us so beautifully. Each teaching video got us closer to the Beloved by giving us practices that we could easily incorporate into our daily life. I am so grateful for my two spiritual teachers and this whole sangha, you all are truly family to me.” - Caroline


"Spirit of Happiness was a wonderful experience. It is hard to put in words how much I felt held by the whole group and especially Peggy and Stephen. The love and support were exceptional. The teaching enhanced by the sharing with other members. It brought another dimension into my daily spiritual life and a deeper relationship with the Beloved. Its not just going to a course and coming home to "normal" daily life. It is about incorporating spirituality. And even so the six weeks are over, the teachings are heard, the experiences made - I will continue on the path and the energy and love of the sangha will be with me forever.”  - Cordula


“I am 75 years old and have worked with many teachers over the last 50 years. I have never worked with such heart centred loving and supportive teachers. What they do is extraordinary, the support they offer and the genuine warmth and holding is a gift not to be missed. They work in a completely non power over way and their wisdom, love and humour are just beautiful. They will change your life; don’t miss the opportunity.” - Simone Silver Path

Course Structure

The course will consist of six Modules taught over six weeks introducing four Spiritual Practices from Peggy & Stephen. The course is designed to be a communal 6-week journey that we undertake together in sangha. You will also have an additional 4 weeks access to the course materials once we are finished if you need to catch up or wish to repeat anything.


Peggy Dylan has been called a practical mystic because her methods produce results. She has an incomparable gift for leading people deep into the heart of the Beloved and applying that experience to skilful living.

She will pass on ancient methods learned in her studies and has also crafted spiritual practices for the Spirit of Happiness that will calm the storms blowing around us all at present. 

Beyond this, Peggy will guide you into states of bliss that will be deeply healing for you. Her decades of experience will flow to you via live webinars followed by short daily videos that pulse an energy straight to your heart.

Peggy will also teach you the essential secret of maintaining The Spirit of Happiness; she will share her decades of personal spiritual exploration on how to maintain a state of well-being.

Stephen Mulhearn will pass practices and ceremonies from ancient cultures that empower your soul to soar!

Ancient shamanic practices (no experience necessary) to connect you to your primal gift of intuition. Like our ancestors, hone your capacities to be in tune with the rhythms of life and feel the freeing happiness that results.

As we progress over the 6 weeks, you will develop stronger confidence in your judgements and will enjoy finessing your gift of opening up to the guidance and insights of Great Spirit.

Live webinars followed by daily short videos will help you to master these practices and refine your gifts to pass them on.

Welcome to The Spirit of Happiness. Together we shall explore, discover and awaken new levels of love deep in our hearts. Then… focus that energy into our dreams and the world around us.

Shamanic Journeys

Stephen Mulhearn has been teaching Shamanism for over 20 years with incomparable results for his students. In this course he will teach you how to do a shamanic journey and offer journeying practices for Spiritual Connection and Guidance and to feel more Energised and Alive, tapping into a well of joy and happiness within. 

Guided Meditations

Peggy Dylan, awakened Spiritual Master, was recognised as a future Spiritual Master by Sadguru Keshavadas, an Indian Saint and mystic at age 16. She has been passing on her gifts and teachings for over four decades, inspiring deep transformation in her students.  In this online course she will pass on to you meditations and practices that develop your deep connection to the Divine and will sustain you for lifetimes to come. 

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6 week online course - a bridge of love and nurturance leading you to deeper happiness with Peggy Dylan & Stephen Mulhearn

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Spirit of Happiness

With Peggy Dylan & Stephen Mulhearn. Learn ancient spiritual practices for vitality and joy. 

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