Are you feeling the pull to Manifest your Dreams in 2022?


NEW COURSE! Monday 24th January - Monday 7th March 2022

Do you have dreams to become a holistic practitioner, yoga teacher, spirited entrepreneur or business owner in 2022? Have you been feeling a pull to do something different with your life or re-launch an existing dream or business? Then NOW is the perfect time to get ready for spirited success!



Spirit of Manifestation


Six week online coaching course with Stephen Mulhearn and six powerhouses of global change!


We have planned this course specifically to re-energise you to re/launch yourself  in 2022 as the world continues to open up and will be in much need of your ‘oven ready’ gifts!

We will build towards the springtime of a truly New Year!

After so much loss on so many levels in the last 18months Stephen Mulhearn (BA Hons) has crafted the perfect course to inspire you to re-boot your spirited venture with heart, enthusiasm and fresh direction!

This professional course is the perfect inspiration to help you re-emerge from the darkness of the past year into the light of a better future.

Aimed at anyone who needs a blast of motivation to their heart and mind. Spirit of Manifestation is about readying yourself to be the best version of you, empowering you to be the change the world is crying out for!



"Without a shadow of a doubt this course has given me the wings to fly."

- Ita Hughes, 2021 Participant

All The Tools You Need To Manifest your Dreams

The strategies and support of Spirit of Manifestation will be a much-needed blast of inspiration to any type of venture or business; it is particularly aimed at people and businesses that are heart-centred. That is, people and organisations that offer a service or product that help people to improve the quality of their lives. We have in common a belief in helping people and planet.

Who this course will benefit:


Spirit of Manifestation is for anyone who has a dream or a soul-calling to create good in the world. Whether that be in the form of writing a book, setting up as a healer or practitioner, leading circles, workshops and ceremonies, or any spirited entrepreneurs of the heart. Spirit of Manifestation is for those who have an altruistic nature that is the driving force behind their work or mission in the world.

Perhaps you are a yoga teacher yet to take that gift to people, a holistic therapist who longs to create a spirited business, a creative ready to illuminate your work, or you have an existing practice or business that you'd like to renew. Whoever you are and whatever you do, Spirit of Manifestation will help you birth your dreams into reality. I and the dynamic guest teachers that I've brought in, will walk you step-by-step through techniques and strategies that will see you bring your ideas to form and help you to focus in on exactly what is needed for you to succeed. Let me bring you my many years as a teacher and spirited business entrepreneur to help guide your dreams towards manifestation in 2022.


"A magical, exciting, inspiring course.  The teachings can be used in your professional and personal journey. The love and compassion put into this course was so genuine, heartfelt and beautiful."

- Anne Francis Mansbridge, 2021 Participant


"Inspiring teachings, practical tools and a supportive environment to help you go for your dreams."

- Ems Harrington, 2021 Participant

Beneficiaries of this course will include:

  • Holistic Therapists
  • Shamanic and Reiki Practitioners and Teachers
  • Yoga teachers
  • Life Coaches
  • Holistic Centre Owners
  • Corporate Trainers
  • Creative’s with Big Imaginations
  • Influencers
  • Business Managers
  • Entrepreneurs from All Walks of Life
  • And very important… New start ups ready to launch or re-launch in 2022

Our teacher line-up includes global powerhouses of transformation:

The choice of who to bring in to create the best support team for Spirit of Manifestation was an opportunity to introduce you to amazing women and men who will share tools, strategies and lived experience. Having success in their particular field is important. Beyond success, big hearts and a calling to inspire others was paramount in my choices of who to collaborate with on this unique venture.

The inspirational leaders integral to Spirit of Manifestation:

We have brought together pioneers in personal empowerment and holistic business leaders who’ve turned ideas into spirited ventures that generated millions in sales and transformed lives all over the planet. Plus cutting edge game-changers from Harvard Business professors to specialists in visual marketing and branding campaigns. Heart-centred souls to inspire your dreams to soar!



"Thank you for bringing together a wonderful line up of experts in their field who so willingly shared their knowledge from their hearts."

- Karen Murray, 2021 Participant


"I loved each webinar for the insight into the persons way of life, personal success and how they create joy, also hearing what each of them has overcome, as each has been speaking from the heart."

- Sabine Craft, 2021 Participant



Our Guest Teacher Line-up and Special Bonus Material:

Ashley Whillans

Behavioural Scientist & Assistant Professor at Harvard Business School. Ashley's new book 'Time Smart - Live a Happier Life' is all about finding ways to increase time in our busy lives to create more joy and happiness. Ashely's tools and strategies for effective time management  will increase your "time affluence" and create the space for you to launch your dreams. Ashley has been on that personal journey, she speaks from experience, and she understands how people behave around time. Her book is a game-changer and I guarantee that her teachings will transform how you manage your time, for the better!


Katy Appleton

Creator of a global yoga brand & one of the world’s most successful wellness DVD’s "Geri Body Yoga". Katy is a leading light in illuminating the healing power of yoga and has spent the last 2 decades transforming lives through her classes, workshops. books and teacher training programme.

Katy will share how she turned her passion into her life’s work and how you can do the same.




Dr David R Hamilton PhD

David Hamilton believes in the power of kindness. So much so that he gave up his well paid, stable job as a laboratory chemist for a leading pharmaceutical company to write books about it - best selling books! David is known world over as a ‘Kindness Ambassador’. He is a master manifester and he teaches all over the world how to manifest your dreams into reality.

David will share how he re-launched himself and his career to not only transform his life, but the lives of others.



Tara Todras-Whitehill

Internationally renowned visual-storyteller and entrepreneur of visual manifestation!

As a guest speaker, Tara’s expertise has been called on by organisations including: The NY Times, The World Bank, Amnesty International, The Associated Press and UNDP, among many others.

Her personal story of going for her dreams, throwing caution to the wind and taking the LEAP is inspirational. Be coached by a trailblazer who has pioneered the causes of woman around the world. Learn how to shine your light globally using social media and visual storytelling techniques that Tara will coach you through.

Danny Whittle

Global powerhouse in the world of music & events. Marketing & branding specialist Danny Whittle will help you to hone your passions into a unique shape that speaks directly to the people you want to reach.

Danny can help you to find your unique voice and shine it into the world. Over the years Danny has successfully navigated the turbulent waters of the music and club scene to create the landscape that he wants to live in, and he can help you to do the same.





Peggy Dylan

Practical Mystic & World-renowned leader in empowerment, a founder of the global firewalking movement.

Peggy, who is my spiritual master and life-long teacher,  will share how she took the instruction from her Guru – Swami Kesevadas – to shine the light of his teachings and moulded that into her unique blend of science and spirituality that has literally transformed thousands of lives. Peggy reaches directly from and directly to the heart and can guide you in getting your soul-led mission manifesting into reality.





PLUS - Special Bonus video from Victoria

A teaching video made specially from Victoria, co-owner & spiritual director of Lendrick Lodge, sharing her personal strategies for living her dreams as a Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher.


PLUS - Special Bonus!

We have teaching materials from Jim Collins author of 'Beyond Entrepreneurship' and 'Good to Great' given to us by Jim specially to use on this course! I have been a student of Jims work for over 2 decades and I still to this day put his teachings from Beyond Entrepreneurship into practice in all of my successful businesses. 

My personal contribution to Spirit of Manifestation:


I am bringing my decades of teaching, spirited business experience as a retreat centre owner and entrepreneurial energy to this unique course. You can expect my high levels of enthusiasm and positivity, helping you banish self-doubt and low confidence into the past and illuminating the absolute best of you for the future.

I have been building towards teaching this course for decades. I am passionate about Dream manifestation and have been entrepreneurial since starting my own business whilst still at school.

The loss and struggle I am seeing so many people enduring because of the pandemic, is my motivation to help people to never give up on their dreams.

I know that I have methods, strategies and ideas that will help you to shape-shift any current stagnation in your business or mission into a new beginning. Not going back to where we were before, but rebirthing our missions with more heart and more joy. I will also share strategies and tools from my forthcoming new book Manifesting The Dream.

I am focused on distilling my years of experience:

As co-Director of Lendrick Lodge world renowned holistic retreat centre and

  • Multi-award-winning film director and screenwriter.
  • Author
  • Successful spiritual teacher of 25 years.
  • Founder of success-coaching company, Giant Steps.
  • Founder of Seeing The Magic Online Academy 

I am also a co-director behind fund-raising missions such as Lendrick Trust Charity and organisations feeding the homeless. I've had my work featured across various UK media. I share all of this, not to impress you, but to impress upon you the fact that the strategies I have developed deliver real results that benefit the world. 


"(I gained the most from) Stephen’s storytelling and how he interjected humour into his stories. I loved the way each speaker offered their own unique message. Stephen draws the listener into their heart space therefore the connection moves way beyond the mind into the energy of creation."

-Ita Hughes, 2021 Participant





"Stephen has the ability to help you bridge the divide between spirit and business. His teachings have helped me integrate heart-wisdom in my enterprise making me more effective in reaching my goals for people and planet."

Anton de Gier
[email protected]

2021 Participant



"The tools you shared will not only help me build a stronger business but also strengthen my life purpose".

Susan Coull

Executive Coach

2021 Participant




"A course that combines the well researched and tried and tested methods to achieve your wildest dreams with the deep flow of heart connection that Stephen and his beautiful team are weaving through all their work."

Sabine Craft

2021 participant


Get ready to re-launch as a Dynamic Loving Force for Change in the World!

"Through the course my inner joy and motivation has excelled to bliss!" 

- Sabine Craft

Features and Benefits of Spirit of Manifestation


This is a six-week online intensive; a combination of self-study and interactive sessions where you can commit as much time as you feel your passion or business needs to create a successful Springtime (or anytime) launch!

Everyday you'll be prompted to energise your dreams and goals with strategies and tools geared towards helping you get the most from your efforts. You'll also be encouraged and loved towards success by pulsations of positive energy. 

Every week there will be a LIVE dynamic webinar with a guest teacher (recorded if you can't make the date) along with worksheets and materials to help you realise your dreams.

The online content will be available for one month after completion of the course for catch up. The downloadable material (worksheets and articles) are yours to keep. 

This is an interactive live course where you will have access to the core teacher, Stephen Mulhearn, via a private Facebook group and weekly Q&A and be able to ask questions of the guest teachers during their webinars. After the end of the six weeks you have an additional month of access to the online materials. Please be prepared to bring yourself fully to the course and commit a minimum of 5hrs per week. We will also provide worksheets and prompts for your own self-study. 

Dynamic Guest Teachers chosen specifically to give you the best support for your Dreams



"Incredible insightful teachings from yourself and the guest speakers."

- Julie Widdowson, 2021 Participant


Katy Appleton

Creator of a global yoga brand & one of the world’s most successful wellness DVD’s "Geri Body Yoga"



Ashley Whillans

Behavioural Scientist & Assistant Professor at Harvard Business School. Author of Time Smart - Live a Happier Life. 


Dr David R Hamilton PhD

Bestselling Hay House Author of 10 books including ‘The Five Side Effects of Kindness’. 



Tara Todras-Whitehill

Internationally renowned visual-storyteller and entrepreneur of visual manifestation!

Danny Whittle

Global powerhouse in the world of music and events. 

Marketing and branding specialist.



Peggy Dylan

World-renowned leader in empowerment, a founder of the global firewalking movement.




All The Tools You Need To Manifest Success!


"The perfect balance of practical, spiritual, shamanic and research proven tools and inspiration."

- Laura Toops, 2021 Participant


"An incredible course that has inspired my heart, mind, body and soul. During the course I gained so much clarity on what my life purpose is and the fears that were holding me back. I have fast forwarded the knowledge, the confidence and a 'reality check' to manifest my dreams."

- Karen Murray, 2021 Participant

"This course was impeccable!"

- Hollis Dannaham, 2021 Participant

Dates and Prices

Monday 24th January - Monday 7th March 2022


Spirit of Manifestation is a LIVE INTERACTIVE course run over six weeks. You will have access to the teaching materials over the course of the six weeks plus one month for catch up.

Participants are expected to be active in the group sessions and attend the live webinars to get the most form the course. Make room in your diary for six weeks of flying high! You will receive daily videos, providing teachings and pulsing supportive energy for your mission. Every Monday night there will be a LIVE WEBINAR with core teacher Stephen Mulhearn and a guest teacher.

You will also be able to join a private facebook group and we'll be putting people into smaller groups for the duration of the course (and beyond if you wish) to champion and support each other through the process. 

We provide workbooks and journal prompt questions throughout, plus a toolkit for success all to download and keep. The daily videos are not downloadable as you are expected to move through the material in real time. We expect a minimum time commitment of 5hrs per week. 

This course could be priced in the £1000's. The expertise alone is worth many 1000s of pounds, plus all of the teaching materials and the guidance that you will receive EVERYDAY to action the knowledge you've gained and put the expert strategies and principles into your business model or area of manifestation. Many online courses of a similar calibre or less, are priced at $3000 for a four-week experience, where you may receive the tools but you won't receive the love. And I mean that. The care that I and the other guest teachers on Spirit of Manifestation bring to our students comes direct from our hearts. We want you to succeed and we champion you to reach your dreams, just as we know you will support and champion others.


"I feel like I’m starting to live my true life right now. A truly inspirational kick up the bum to get this manifestation party started!"

- Jo Twist, 2021 participant


WHY am I offering Spirit of Manifestation at such a low price? Simply put, I don't want finances to get in the way of you participating in this much needed boost to set your dreams on fire. It is my mission in life to support people to live their dreams, with more joy and connection. Therefore I have come up with pricing strategies to suit all and I have deliberately kept the cost super low so that as many people benefit from these teachings as need it. See below for the offer that best suits you. 


Seeing The Magic Academy Members ALWAYS receive the best deal! Everyone who has been a member of the Academy for a month or more is eligible for these offers. 


BUNDLE OFFER - Join Seeing the Magic Academy with a one year membership (full price £108) AND Spirit of Manifestation for our best offer - saving you £58 off the full price 

For more information and to look at tasters of Seeing the Magic Academy CLICK HERE




Course dates: Monday 24th January - Monday 7th March 2022 

Registration now closed

Spirit of Manifestation


Online & Interactive Course

  • Live Interactive course
  • 7 Inspirational Webinars
  • 42 Daily Videos
  • Workbooks and resources
  • Supportive group work
  • Launchpad for your Dreams!



Spirit of Manifestation & Seeing the Magic Academy BUNDLE


Save £58 off full price!

  • Live Interactive course PLUS 
  • One year membership to Seeing The Magic Academy!
  • 7 Inspirational Webinars
  • 42 Daily Videos
  • Workbooks and resources
  • Supportive group work

Seeing The Magic Academy Members Offer


Members receive a £100 DISCOUNT!

  • Live Interactive course
  • 7 Inspirational Webinars
  • 42 Daily Videos
  • Workbooks and resources
  • Supportive group work
  • For existing Academy Members

Take the decisive step now and secure your place on Spirit of Manifestation!

"(Spirit of Manifestation is)… lessons in how to be a heart centered, divinely guided creative in service to humanity, whilst becoming a productive, business minded human.

This course is epic!"

- Karen Cheney, 2021 Participant