A Spiritual Practice for our times

from Peggy Dylan & Nuptul Rinpoche

Click the download link for the full Audio of the Spiritual Practice, a written PDF of the practice is below

Heart of the Beloved PDF follow sheet

Click here to download a PDF of the practice to follow as you listen to the Audio


How to use the Spiritual Practice

In this video, Peggy Dylan talks through her 'Heart of the Beloved' Spiritual Practice, with guidelines on how to do the practice and where it came from. Once you have watched the video, scroll down to download the Practice Audio and PDF to enable you to do the practice at home.


Peggy Dylan has a remarkable capacity to awaken your love for living passionately. She supports miracles to unfold with grace and helps you to become a living example of bliss in action. The transformation she has helped facilitate for her students for over four decades is beyond comparison.

Personal mastery in this lifetime is possible. Peggy awakens aspects of your destiny, opening you up to a life of wonder, adventure and a deep sense of fulfilment. To work with an awakened, enlightened teacher is a rare gem in these modern times.


If you have any questions about the practice for Peggy Dylan please email: [email protected]


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