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Throughout April & May the Transformational Academy is offering you 6 weekly webinars to fuel your creative gifts, inspire you to believe deeply in yourself, heal past hurts, feel deeper connection to The Beloved and be part of a supportive ‘kick ass’ community!

Be tutored by:

Practical mystic & awakened spiritual Master, Peggy Dylan, Wed 8th April - 8pm.

Art educator and practicing artist, Diane Main, Wed 15th April - 8pm.

Creative writing coach & international poet, author, Clive Matson, Wed 22nd April - 8pm.

Transformative therapist & world-class musician, Lucinda Drayton, Wed 29th April - 8pm.

Spiritual Master & Core teacher of Lendrick, Victoria, Wed 6th May - 8pm.

Best selling author & international speaker, scientist Dr David Hamilton, Wed 13th May - 8pm.

All interviewed by & Core teacher of Lendrick & heart of The Transformational Academy Stephen Mulhearn.

Take action today and manifest a better tomorrow!

Practical mystic & awakened spiritual Master, Peggy Dylan

Wed 8th April - 8pm BST UK

‘What can I say? How about the simple truth, Peggy Dylan, in my opinion, is the most transformative loving spiritual teacher on the planet. Show up’.

Peggy Dylan has a remarkable capacity to awaken your love for living passionately. She supports miracles to unfold with grace and helps you to become a living example of bliss in action. The transformation she has helped facilitate for her students for over four decades is beyond comparison.

Personal mastery in this lifetime is possible. Peggy awakens aspects of your destiny, opening you up to a life of wonder, adventure and a deep sense of fulfilment. To work with an awakened, enlightened teacher is a rare gem in these modern times.


Art educator and practicing artist, Diane Main

Wed 15th April - 8pm BST UK

Diane Main is a practicing artist and arts educator, with a B.A. Honours Degree and a Masters Degree in Fine Art, (Glasgow School of Art), with a refreshing and passionate gift for encouraging artists to shine. As an educator, one of Diane’s core aims is to assist people in developing their own reliable strategies, focusing on the creative process, so that this enables them to be authentic in their creative pursuits. Be inspired in this webinar with Diane as her heart overflows in creative expression and delight. ‘I have know Diane for about 20 years, she’s the real deal’, Stephen Mulhearn.


Creative writing coach & international poet, author, Clive Matson

Wed 22nd April - 8pm BST UK

Clive Matson (MFA) original Beat Poet from California, has taught creative writing since 1978, and has inspired great works of art to find the light of day all over the world. As a teacher at Berkeley University in the USA, Clive has inspired genius in even the most reluctant souls for over three decades. Among the books he has authored, ‘Let The Crazy Child Write’ has inspired people from all creative genres – writers, movie makers, songwriters, etc. Around Clive, the pencil gets itchy and the depth of beauty is astounding. Be ready in this webinar to awaken the gifts of inspiration that this master of creativity awakens. ‘As a student of Clive’s, I cannot wait to be inspired to spark new creations!’


Transformative therapist & world-class musician, Lucinda Drayton

Wed 29th April - 8pm BST UK

As a counsellor and transformative therapist Lucinda has been a mountain of support and wisdom; who has created the sacred space for miracles to be born for many, including myself. Lucinda Drayton is also a world-class musician who has sung in The Albert Hall and Wembley Stadium. She has co-wrote number one hits and her famous album A Hundred Thousand Angels is played all over the world. Lucinda is passionate about empowering the self and using meditation and music to access the divine. A webinar to take you deep into the arena of bliss and release. By a master of opening sacred space.



Spiritual Master & Core teacher of Lendrick Lodge, Victoria

Wed 6th May - 8pm BST UK

Victoria Lyons (BSc Hons) facilitates a return to the miracle of blissful living. Her high levels of positive, compassionate energy are contagious. As a core teacher of Lendrick Lodge, Victoria has a life-long mission to facilitate transformation. This webinar is for deep healing. Victoria shall share powerful strategies and a moving new meditation to help you through these times. Victoria’s calling to this work came during her mother’s illness 24 years ago. She was told, ‘there is nothing you can do’. She disagreed and decided to embark on a journey of change. Receive gifts from that journey and set your destiny on fire!


Best selling author & international speaker, scientist Dr David Hamilton

Wed 13th May - 8pm BST UK

Dr David Hamilton (PhD) is a best selling author of nine books and an international speaker. David is an advocate for kindness and is working passionately to help inspire a kinder world. His voice will touch you deeply at this time of global fear and uncertainty. As a scientist and author David has a track record in coaching thousands of people to create their own reality. Learn proven techniques for accessing your most powerful self. David and Stephen have a wonderful chemistry that will conjure breakthroughs via this webinar. David loves Lendrick Lodge and has a deep heart connection with our community. Feel that gift live as he delivers excellence with heart.



The Transformational Academy is Stephen Mulhearn's new and exclusive virtual training academy. ‘I have been dreaming about this for well over a decade. A way to support people to manifest their dreams and experience healing wherever they are in the world, whenever they want’. 

Throughout April I am offering this incredible resource for FREE - please take this chance to see what we have within the Academy library, stock up and fill yourself with inspiration, support and community spirit during these challenging times. Plus I am also hosting a free weekly webinar with myself and a cast of amazing guest teachers - every Wednesday at 8pm UK time for the next 6 weeks (April-May). Join today for FREE to take advantage of these gifts - from my heart to yours. 

If you enjoy attending courses at Lendrick Lodge, then the Transformational Academy will give you the extra support to integrate and live deep transformation. Adding extra spiritual momentum to the beautiful work you have done with the core teachers here.

If attending courses is not practical for you at present, then our intent is to offer you an incomparable online training pathway that will support your dreams and give you a wonderful connection to a global tribe of kindred souls.


"I am absolutely loving the Transformational Academy, I find the weekly emails are like tiny love bombs. What I have found of greatest benefit though has been the webinars, I look forward to each one and wonder what new exploration awaits :) the Academy is a sweet lifeline to a flourishing community where I can take a deep relaxing breath and fill up. "

Clara Hill
Transformational Academy member

"The Seeing the Magic Academy website is a superb resource. The three key areas for me are Shamanism, Personal Development and Dream Manifestation. There is something in each area that I’ve learned from and implemented in some way since it launched... The combined impact of the emails and webinars delivered from a place of love and care has been awesome."

Peter Karinsson
Transformational Academy member

"The Transformational Academy is so freaking brilliant!"

Dee Shepherd
Transformational Academy member

"I absolutely love the Academy. It's feels like we all have the Lendrick (Lodge) Spirit right in our home. Your webinars are so inspiring and gives me the YES I can do and I can do and be what I want to be"

Sharon MacDermott
Transformational Academy member

"I’m very much enjoying the weekly emails and the regular webinars. I find the emails are a great nudge to keep us on course and remind us what is important. The fact that the subject of the mails is always a surprise and always on point is part of the magic!"

Derek Bain
Transformational Academy member

Find out what the Transformational Academy has in store for you in this short film with Stephen Mulhearn:


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Seven Gifts of April! 

From Seeing the Magic Transformational Academy a gift a day for 7 days to support and uplift you during these difficult times. From our Heart to yours.

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Transformational Academy Programme


Discover supportive insights, connection to guides and an opening to the oldest spiritual practice on Earth. Learn from indigenous cultures who worked in collaboration with Mother Earth for healing and awakening.

Personal Development

I teach personal growth by combing the teachings of masters such as Carl G. Jung (a Swiss psychiatrist and a founder analytical psychology) with modern scientific methodologies for healing and breakthroughs.


Dream manifestation

Manifestation of goals, dreams and hopes into reality is my number one area of expertise. This subject ignites my passion and I am excited for passing on the techniques and rituals I have honed over decades.


WATCH ETERNITY'S SUNRISE New documentary inspiring 'Brilliant Heart and Brilliant Mind' 

Transformational film from multi-award winning director Stephen Mulhearn featuring the last ever interview with American author & visionary Joseph Chilton Pearce (Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Magical Child). Available now to watch in the Transformational Academy




Stephen Mulhearn BA (Honours) is a dynamic, heart centred spiritual teacher who has trained thousands of people over the last few decades into the magic of Shamanism. Following a near death experience, he ‘woke up’ to a new way of living that he shares passionately. His academic knowledge combines with years of experiential training with shamans and spiritual masters.

The lineage you are stepping into: Stephen’s capacity to spark transformation in people has been refined over the last 21 years by awakened spiritual master, Peggy Dylan, who he regularly co-teaches with. Peggy was initiated and trained by the Indian Saint Sadguru Keshavadas.

 Stephen’s honours degree dissertation was on ecstatic ritual. Get ready to learn from Stephen ancient keys that our ancestors used for beautiful living and connection to the very essence of life. He is also a multi award-winning documentary filmmaker for the Shamanic film, Transcending The Storm.


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