A great elder of our times has passed on, leaving this parting gift for the world.


Wisdom, transcendence, and an opening to a life without fear. This life affirming documentary of the American visionary and author Joseph Chilton Pearce is a powerful solution for a world in conflict.

This new film, by multi award-winning director Stephen Mulhearn, presents a revolutionary vision for reclaiming humanity’s lost inheritance. Revealing ancient wisdom from older cultures and creating a powerful remedy that could transform education as we know it. Brilliantly presented by charismatic Joseph Chilton Pearce, who changed the very zeitgeist of a generation.

Eternity’s Sunrise is a search for meaning in a world lost in greed.




New light on how to educate and hone the brilliance of children and adults. Eternity’s Sunrise succinctly shatters the myths of traditional education and challenges the very status quo that we take for granted. For over five decades, from Oxford to Harvard University, this wise sage has unravelled humanity’s core problems. Joseph charismatically presents a movie to open our minds and awaken our heart.


Opening to life without fear

Eternity’s Sunrise is a rare gift in these challenging times for humanity. For those with open eyes, and a heart that seeks truth, Joe’s film is a blessing that will change your life forever. Wisdom, ancient secrets, and a potential of a future above and beyond our wildest dreams. This captivating documentary is a dynamic blueprint based on the life work of a genius of our times.

"Something in that interview freed me. The energy was amazing, I was moved so deeply. I have never had it so strong in my whole life of being interviewed. I was carried away in a tremendous exchange. A rare exchange. I am 89 shortly and didn’t think anything else was left. There are not many people in the world who can do what you do."  


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