An online, Life-Changing,

2 Month Quest to become the Brightest and Best Version of You!

Providing an eight-week intensive course that can radically, and with joy, change your physical and spiritual health, for the rest of your life. If you are anxious, feeling un-empowered or without directed focus to hone the health and spirited vitality you need, Zero to Hero is for you!


Most diseases and health-limiting illnesses, as we age, are preventable. Many are also reversible. Did you know you have (beyond your chronological birth age) a biological age that can be massively and positively affected by certain steps?


Spiritual health will also be at the forefront of this journey. Shouldn’t we value a happy state of mind? A soulful connection to The Beloved? Having a simple and joy-creating spiritual practice will be the heart from which Zero to Hero beats a new rhythm, for not only eight weeks, but for the rest of your life.


Belief is such a paramount part of how our body ages. Learn from health and vitality experts how to think yourself into better health.

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Have you ever found yourself saying any of the following?

  • I’ve tried loads of diets, and I can’t stick with them.
  • I’m overwhelmed already and can’t add another thing ‘to do’ into my life.
  • I’m worried I won’t be able to avoid illness and then have to live with chronic pain.
  • I don’t have a regular spiritual practice to live a life of connected, guided joy.

How Zero to Hero will break through these four challenges

  1. This is not a diet; it is a lifestyle that will support healthy living for the rest of your life. We will focus on transitioning to foods that do not trigger hunger sensations but leave you feeling nourished and fuller for longer. The foods will also be builders of a healthier physical body and a sharper mind.


  1. Zero to Hero will provide the tools and strategies that will help you sleep better, give you more energy and a sharper mind. Get more juice out of each day of your life for years to come! During these 8 weeks, we will take small steps to integrate these healing habits into your daily life.


  1. Our number one goal from this course will be teaching you scientifically proven methods that avoid, or delay by years or decades, illnesses that are associated with ageing. Imagine living pain-free with clarity of mind and exuberant enthusiasm for living your dreams?


  1. By the conclusion of our 8-week intensely enjoyable trajectory of change, you will have established a new happy habit of regular spiritual practice that works! Guiding you into a future wealth of a body and mind that’s winning at life and a spiritual inner flame that grows brighter every year.
Take the first steps TODAY towards a bright and Vital Future!

There is overwhelming evidence to back up the steps you will embark on over the 8-weeks. Our goal is to provide an online immersive journey, together with experts on building chi and vitality; that will not only move the dial towards the prevention of disease, but the building of a ‘more alive body and mind’. Set sail into decades filled with more illness-free happiness.


The time to build a better tomorrow is today, with Zero to Hero!


The truth is most diseases are caused by inflammation in the body. Again, these markers are potentially within our control. On Zero to Hero, you will be doing a blood test to assess your current ‘markers’ and then, we go on an intensely powerful journey to change course… For the better. Then we re-test and discover how much we can control the destiny of healthy ageing. 

“In my late 20’s I was a health and wellness coach who provided physical activities and lifestyle changes. A man in his 70s walked into my club one day wheezing and near to tears, he told me he had to get a triple heart bypass operation soon. Douglas C was going into a pre-op in 8 weeks time and asked if there was anything I could do to help. 8 weeks later, after following some simple guidance with support, the pre-op showed such a radical change that he no longer needed the triple heart by-pass. This gained lots of media attention but more importantly, Douglas was no longer wheezing while walking up a set of stairs, he was literally running into a better future full of optimism and happiness.” - Stephen

What’s included in Zero to Hero 8 week online course:

  • Pre- and post-blood tests tracking your inflammation levels.
  • A daily short video, enthusing you with inspiration.
  • Weekly live webinar with Stephen, Peggy and guest experts.
  • Small focused support groups to champion your goals.
  • Community Facebook group to support and encourage loving growth.
  • An optional finale and finishing line hike along the banks of Loch Katrine at Lendrick Lodge.  

More about your teachers

on Zero-to-hero

Stephen Mulhearn has a holistic background that is the perfect mix for Zero to Hero, training in his early 20s in fitness health and wellbeing, Stephen has an extensive tool bag full of strategies that get the body and heart into fantastic shape. He then developed his spiritual capacities in Shamanism, meditation and for the last 3 decades of his life working intensely with the strategies of Peggy Dylan and Sundoor.

Peggy Dylan has an incomparable capacity to spark people into loving life beyond our wildest expectations. Peggy also encourages people to deep dive into a fulfilling and purposeful life that is not just spirit-led but spirit-full. Now in her 70s Peggy will share the personal tools, steps and moves that have given her so much energy and vitality, that she shares with the world.

Imagine also being coached by a leading sports psychologist on how to think yourself into the mindset of success. Learn from a vitality expert how to get more happiness, endorphins and real-life change from every step you take! How about also flinging into the mix a martial arts sensei with over 50 years of experience in how to train a body, mind and spirit to age with kick-ass vitality? Work with a leading scientist on how to heal your body and mind with holistic and kind-hearted approaches. Regular yoga classes, that we will have online, to help us invigorate our soul with more flexibility, mobility and re-falling in love with our own body.

Avoid sleepwalking into a future with less energy and vitality, instead sprint heart first into potentially the best physical and spiritual health of your entire life!


Payment plans are available if you would prefer to pay by instalments. Full balance due by start of course.